About Team Nila
About Us

It all started with the idea that we can make our Singapore a more endearing home by giving back to communities – through sport.

To materialise this vision, the Sports Volunteer Framework (SVF) was conceptualised in 2013 to build the passion for sports volunteerism and to use it as a vehicle to strengthen and unite the community. With Vision 2030: Live Better Through Sports as the foundation, the SVF serves as a holistic and structured framework that seeks to raise the quality of sports volunteering experience, while instilling more deeply a spirit and passion for volunteerism among Singaporeans.

To create a common identity for sports volunteers, ‘Team Nila' was launched on 24 February 2015. This unique bonding of volunteerism through sport forge a sense of belonging and instil pride amongst all sports volunteers. Since then, Team Nila has morphed into a nation-wide sport volunteer movement that has the potential to draw even more volunteers across diverse segments of Singapore. By June 2015, more than 11,000 volunteers were trained and all geared up to play host for the 28th SEA Games.

Coming from diversified background, Team Nila brings with them a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, fresh perspective and dedication to sporting and social events. They are a valuable resource for Sporting Singapore and the sports eco-system. They have contributed tirelessly to the major games hosted in Singapore, at National Sports Associations (NSAs) events, Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs), social causes and many local sport events, earning the reputation of volunteers with a strong work ethic, specialised skills and capabilities.

To further enhance their capabilities, Team Nila are provided with leadership training opportunities as well as trainings for essential skills to play a part in the SGCares and SGSecure movement. Team Nila are also empowered to co-create sport programmes or social cause initiatives to strengthen the culture of giving in Singapore. Beyond giving back, it is also about growing new relationships, being involved with the sport they love and bonding people from all cultures, walks of life and inter-generations, all coming together to build a resilient and caring society as one team – Team Nila.

Today, Team Nila is highly regarded as a committed and dependable volunteer force for major sporting events in Singapore such as the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, GetActive! Singapore and many more. With the launch of the ActiveSG academies and more collaborations with VWOs, Team Nila can be assured of more volunteering opportunities, be it for sporting events or for social causes.

Join Us

Are you looking for opportunities to make a unique difference at the local sport scene? Interested to know how we can build a caring Singapore society through sport?

Join the Team Nila family of fun-loving and dedicated sport enthusiasts. Embark on the meaningful journey of volunteering with Team Nila now and be Empowered though Sport!

Register now at https://www.volunteers.sg

What you can expect
  1. Receive notifications on volunteering opportunities and Team Nila events

    • Training opportunities

    • Familiarisation trainings for specific roles before deployment

    • Leadership trainings for individuals who have displayed leadership qualities

    • Recognition

    • Register with us to be eligible for Team Nila Awards

Our Core Values

Like our namesake Nila, Sporting Singapore's mascot, we share the values of Courage, Passion and Friendship.

  • Courage: We persevere in the face of challenges and are not afraid to dive deep into the heart of the action.

  • Passion: Driven by our passion, and enthusiasm, we desire to deliver professionalism and excellence from the bottom of our hearts.

  • Friendship: We are united through a common goal, and through our shared values form bonds of friendship that strengthen our teamwork and collaboration.

Our Logo



The colour palate is anchored on purple, to represent the continuation of the legacy of the "Purple Army" - term given to sports volunteers during YOG (Youth Olympics Games) in 2010, while the colour orange is a composite colour that combines the passion of red and energy and joy of yellow.

These two colours are intertwined into a sphere that identify with the overall corporate image of Sport Singapore.